Loyalty Points

Loyalty points is an incentive in the airlines industry. In traditional loyalty point incentive programs, passengers often have to wait until points accrue to use them. By validating loyalty points on the First Genesis BcPaaS™, passengers get instant value by redeeming points.

Loyalty points and incentives when validated through BcPaaS™ provide immediate value to the passengers as it would be possible to use incentives instantly in real-time. Moreover, these loyalty points can be used more broadly through a partner community. Points replacing the role of currency will allow passengers to save time and make utilization with better ease.

The First Genesis BcPaaS™ architecture is capable of producing more than:
60,000 proofs per minute / 3,600,000 proofs per hour / 86,400,000 proofs per day
Without requiring the use of GPU farms or large clusters of Virtual Machines
or third-party proofing services!