Revenue Cycle Management and Fraud Prevention

Healthcare organizations using contracting initiatives benefit from automation using blockchain smart contracts to administer bundled payments and reimbursement models on blockchain.

Smart contracts on blockchain allow for real-time claims administration and settlement processes, as well as Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements, at the point of care. Claims are quickly validated using machine learning across historical claims and remittance data, and claims administration, using smart contracts on distributed ledger technology, allows hospitals and health systems to settle claims in real time and generate EOBs for health plan members at the point of service.

The First Genesis BcPaaS™ revolutionizes healthcare data security, improves the integrity and accuracy of patient data, and assist healthcare organizations optimize Revenue Cycle Management. 

The First Genesis BcPaaS™ architecture is capable of producing more than:
60,000 proofs per minute 3,600,000 proofs per hour
/ 86,400,000 proofs per day
Without requiring the use of GPU farms or large clusters of Virtual Machines
or third-party proofing services!