Security and Identity

Protecting data privacy is an issue when it comes to passenger records, flight manifests and crew information. Not to mention the security implications that are required in today’s world if this data is not properly protected. The First Genesis BcPaaS™ technology creates a crypto secure environment and efficient process of managing and sharing this information through the use of authorized access requirements.

Privacy of information is critical for the airline industry as many passengers place their trust by sharing their personal details for optimal functioning of the airline systems. Passenger records, as well as crew information of airlines, need to be kept secure as any issue can lead to dangerous outcomes and misuse of identities. The First Genesis BcPaaS™ technology creates a safe zone to share this data reliably through smart contracts.

The First Genesis BcPaaS™ architecture is capable of producing more than:
60,000 proofs per minute / 3,600,000 proofs per hour / 86,400,000 proofs per day
Without requiring the use of GPU farms or large clusters of Virtual Machines
or third-party proofing services!