Transactional Tracking with Private Permissioned Blockchains

The advantage of the First Genesis BcPaaS™ permissioned distributed ledger technology is that it requires a smart contract to confirm or deny specific transactions requiring stakeholders to rely on immutable consensus authority on the permissioned distributed ledger. This negates the need for each stakeholder to have its own database that it reconciles against each stakeholder.

The BcPaaS™ records all transactions and validates data authenticity through smart contracts. Each transaction stores its own copy of the database, so there is no single point of failure as exists with traditional relational databases. Once added to the BcPaaS™, transactions cannot be revised, making the distributed ledger an immutable record of all previous transactions.

The First Genesis BcPaaS™ architecture is capable of producing more than:
60,000 proofs per minute / 3,600,000 proofs per hour / 86,400,000 proofs per day
Without requiring the use of GPU farms or large clusters of Virtual Machines
or third-party proofing services!